About byLi

byLi is a small startup based in Mellerup by Randers Fjord.

Suiping Echo Li Madsen is the woman behind byLi. She has worked with purchasing and design for many years, and through this work has created a large network of skilled business partners in India.

With roots in China, silk is part of her DNA, and thanks to the collaboration with India, she has developed a special fondness for the beautiful Indian saris over the years. Today, this fondness for saris, combined with the desire to create a sustainable business, has become the clothing brand byLi.

byLi re-designs Indian saris and other recycled textiles into modern, sustainable clothing with respect for the materials, their history and the people involved in the creation process.

byLi endeavors to follow the UN's 17 GLOBAL GOALS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, and thus only cooperates with suppliers that we know thoroughly and for whom we can ethically vouch, just as we endeavor that our goods are handled from production to the end customer, so they strain the planet's resources as little as possible.

Each byLi product is unique with its very own story. Saris consist of a piece of fabric that is five to nine meters long and two to four meters wide, and therefore there may be individual byLi products that originate from the same sari. However, these "sister products" will still be worn differently and have their own expression.